Are you a creative medical professional who wants to build brand new products and services to improve the quality of later life for millions of people?

Join our 9-month, full-time company builder programme in London to collaborate and co-found scalable new companies with social scientists, proven-entrepreneurs, technologists, top creatives and other medical and domain experts.
The Zinc programme differs from other startup incubators in that it harnesses the power of a mission to mobilise the best talent, ideas and capital. To apply, you don’t need to have a well formulated idea or be a part of an existing team — in fact we would encourage you to join open to fresh new ideas.

What health professionals can gain from Zinc:

  • The opportunity to build an innovative, purpose-driven business
  • Support from a world-class network of experts from business, academia, design, technology and the public sector.
  • A £12000 stipend paid over nine months
  • The opportunity to find a co-founder with proven business and technical experience
  • Access to leading evidence-based research
  • Funding and investment opportunities
  • Access to a centrally-located co-working space

Zinc is looking for innovative and ambitious clinicians, specialists, nurses, OTs, physios and care managers who demonstrate a commitment to social impact, fresh insight and an appetite for entrepreneurship.

To learn more about our 3rd Mission and the programme please visit our website and come along to our health-focused informational event on 21st May. A number of our Mission1 and Mission2 Founders will be attending this event and discussing their experiences building HealthTech businesses.
Applications are open until 23 June and can be made here. The programme commences 30 September 2019 in London.

About Zinc

We do this through a 9-month, full-time programme for 50 creative, entrepreneurial individuals who come together at Zinc to start new businesses from scratch. They build scalable products and services that target millions of customers, based on the best social science research, exponential technologies and creative design.

Each programme has a specific 'mission'; the first one focused on improving women's and girls' mental and emotional health, and the second, which is currently underway, focuses on unlocking opportunities for people in places that have been hard-hit by globalisation and automation.

Zinc’s third mission is to add five more years of high quality to later life. More details, including why we’ve chosen this mission and 10 key opportunity areas for new businesses, can be found: https://www.zinc.vc/mission-3