The MSc in Applied Digital Health is a one-year, full-time course, designed to teach the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to drive innovation in the fast-growing area of digital health.

The MSc is led by the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences (NDPCHS), capitalising on the existing breadth of internationally leading digital health research in the department. In addition, the course draws on the expertise of faculty from across the University to create an interdisciplinary learning experience, spanning medicine, social science, engineering, artificial intelligence and data science.

Aimed at early- or mid-career professionals, entrants to the Applied Digital Health MSc will come from a wide range of backgrounds, including clinical medicine, public health, medical sociology, psychology, statistics, computer science and engineering. While no pre-existing knowledge is assumed, applicants must have an interest in both the social and technical aspects of digital health.

Upon successful completion of the course graduates will be able to:

– Discuss the drivers, enablers, barriers and challenges to digital health innovation, using real-world examples
– Summarise the state-of-the-art in digital health tools – including digital therapeutics, digital diagnostics, artificial intelligence, learning health systems and those that facilitate automated care pathways or improved patient (self)management – and both explain and critically evaluate the theories and techniques that underlie them
– Identify and formulate a response to the ethical, policy, regulatory and practice challenges facing digital health
– Explain in detail the need for user-focused development, meaningful evaluation and successful implementation of digital health tools, and propose appropriate methods, actions and processes to meet these requirements
– Describe and apply key qualitative and quantitative research methods used study of digital health care and the evaluation of digital tools, as well as identify the strengths and weaknesses of those research methods.

Important note: Please check the organisation’s website for application dates. The presence of this posting does not necessarily mean applications for this opportunity are currently open.


About University of Oxford

Oxford is a world-leading centre of learning, teaching and research and the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Oxford has a distinctive collegiate structure. Students and academics benefit from belonging both to the University, a large, internationally-renowned institution, and to a college or hall, a small, interdisciplinary academic community.
The Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences was ranked the top centre for primary care research in the UK in the 2014 national Research Excellence Framework exercise. We were similarly judged a top centre on our 1996–2008 assessments, so have been one of the world’s most important primary care centres for almost 20 years.

Our research is led by internationally renowned scientists; many of whom are practising GPs, but we also have academics from a range of non-medical disciplines including the social sciences and humanities.

We cover the broad range of issues that you might expect to consult your GP about including cardiovascular and metabolic disease, infectious diseases and childhood illness, diet, smoking and cancer. We also focus on understanding and improving the experiences of patients, utilising big data, developing digital health interventions and working internationally.