As an early startup ‘CEO’, it’s more Chief Everything Officer than Chief Executive Officer, but as we grow, there is too much I need to do on any given day. That’s where a founder’s associate comes in – could that be you?

I’m looking for a motivated individual that is willing to turn their hand to anything, be enterprising but efficient, and help us drive Concentric forward. Future aspirations of being a Chief Operating Officer? This role could be the foundation on which to build.

Expect to get stuck into supporting deployments across some of the best-known hospitals in the world (take a look at our delivery playbook to see what deployments look like currently), collaborating and learning with users and project teams every step of the way, diving deep into product alongside our developers and designers, developing and delivering content and marketing strategies, and a whole host of other things that the world throws our way.

In truth, the level and breadth of the work you’ll do are only limited by your capabilities and will build over time.

– Salary: £40-55k + 10% salary top-up in EMI share options
– Remote, flexible working with the expectation to be in Cardiff for an in-person team day per fortnight
– Current team size: 5-10

About Concentric

At Concentric, we’re a small, focused team transforming the digital consent experience in healthcare. We’ve quickly become the market leader, but we’re still early in our journey with many problems to solve and we believe a small ambitious team can do a lot.

We’re proud of what we’ve been building since 2019 - it’s making a real difference to thousands of patients and clinicians already. With many NHS Trusts now using or deploying Concentric, we have the opportunity to bring a handful of key individuals into the team.